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LDS Links on the World Wide Web

 LDS Press Releases
 Deseret Book
 LDS Church News
 Tigard Preparation fair @ Tigard H.S., Dave's temple page
 Presidents (and General authorities) of the Church
 Yahoo: Society & Culture: Mormonism
Statistical and Other Information on Major World Religions new_red.gif (249 bytes)
Major Branches of Major World Religions Ordered by Number of Adherents
 LDS World
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Fanno Creek Ward favorite links New_yel.gif (117 bytes)

Latter-day Saints' Internet Resources
LDSWorld - LDSWorld-Gems Temple Status Page
FamilySearch LDS Genealogy Service
BYU Alumni Records Home Page
Southern Virginia College
Jim Radsford's LDS Link Page
Dave Crockett's Mormon History Resource Page
Yahoo Mormon Web Directories new_red.gif (249 bytes)
Trail of Hope

Family History Links

LDS - Official LDS site, 400,000,000 + names
RootWeb     - Internet's Oldest and Largest Free Genealogy Community.
US GenWeb - large project to get all 50 states (& their conties) Gen. records on the web
Cyndi's List     - Over 55,000 links, Categorized.


How To's
Ancestors Teacher's guide, handouts, worksheets, family tree charts and forms online tutorials
Biography Assistant How to write a (auto)biography
Ellis Island America's gateway- understand immigrants through visual and audio clips
Family History Library www.LDS Searching, plus easy 5 step program
Family TreeMaker Online How-to Guide, form letters, tips, online course
Histroy of Mayflower, passengers and crew.  Section on girls and women
Preservation Library of Congress preservation tips
Preserve Photgraphs
Surnames Definitions and history of hundreds of surnames

      Basic Resouces
US GenWeb Project Detailed Genealogical information on all 50 states, and most counties and towns
Census Records limited to fee search of basic gen. building block
Census form blank examples from 1790 - 1920
National Archives - Clues in census 1850-1920
Soundex convesion program
Military Records American Civil War National Park Service US Colored Troops Database
National Archives - Civil War
National Archives - Confederate Pension Records
National Archives - Korean conflict Casualty List Vietnam Casualty Search Page
National Archives - Naturalization Records
Soc. Sec. Death Index
Social Security Death Index has more than 61 Million names from 1960 to 1999
African American
Asian American
Australian American
Basque American
Ukranian American


Computer Source magazine
Discovering family roots includes some very good suggestions on research plans


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