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Phone #'s
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Bishop Kartchner Deon Judkins 684-5308
Stake Presidency Lucille Chase 639-4761
Renew Temple Recommend Contact Deon Judkins 684-5308
Stake Pres. Interview Contact Pat Stevens 590-6491
Ward Clerk Contact Lee Evans 670-0179


Bishop Don Kartchner 624-2035
1st Counselor Paul Holman 620-6805
2nd Counselor Chuck Branen 684-6652
High Priest Group Ldr John Shumway 620-6186
Elders Quorum Pres. John Walch 968-6937
Relief Society Pres. Bev Roberts 620-4097
Young Men Pres. Scott Parker 624-4980
Young Women Pres. Debbie Eckhardt 624-9432
Primary President Rachel Walch 968-6937
Ward Mission Ldr Matt Hutcheson 968-3123
Sunday School Pres. Dan Nesbitt 968-1561
Ward Employment Spec. Ted Siefert 624-2555
Sacrament Program Coord. Bryan Holman 620-6805
LDS Single Adult Hotline   658-4743
Single Adult Rep. Regine Lovely 624-7036
Building Scheduling Virginia De Masters 620-0218
Full Time Missionaries          Elder Leigh
         Elder Cooper
YSA Hotline   228-1539
Bishop/Clerk’s Office   639-1881
Library/Foyer   639-4811

For Changes to the Tigard 2nd Infomation e:mail Bryan Holman at by Wednesday at 5:00 PM

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Portland Temple: 639-7066


Tualatin Stake Family History Center:

(Located in the Stake Center).
Monday 9-5,     Wednesday 1-9,
Thursday 9-9,    Friday 9-1,
3rd, 4th, & 5th Sundays 5:30 – 9             692-0481

Family History Links

US GenWeb
Cyndi's List


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