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Tigard 2nd Ward LDS Web Site

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yel_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Informational Ward Brochure - Download
Bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Conference Talks, October 2000 on-line
red_pin.gif (1016 bytes)"The Mormon Way" - Cover Issue of Nov 13th US News & World Report
Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes) LDS Church upgrades & expands web site - Search 30 years of Church Magazines, Check out the 52+ Historic LDS sites to visit with pictures, maps, directions, costs, & phone numbers.  Many new features and new on-line documents etc. on this wonderful site!!!
Bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Brazil Temple dedications dates announced, Dec 15-17
  New Nativity Scene on Temple Square
Christian Science Monitor endorses LDS Family Night


Jan 2001 Calendar      bigday.gif (3015 bytes) (Nov, Dec, Jan 01)         new-anim.gif (26073 bytes)                  Church1.jpg (41048 bytes)

Frequent phone numbers
    Contact Bishop Kartchner via e-mail

Book of Mormon reading chart
100 millionth copy of the Book of Mormon printed on 29 Feb 2000
Press Page down on web page to see this article

170th Annual General Conference  of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Ward member e-mails    New_yel.gif (117 bytes)

Relief Society & Priesthood lesson schedule
Sunday School reading schedule Tigard Second

New Nativity Scene on Temple Square      

Moroni1_bullet.jpg (764 bytes)Sept 24 & Oct 1 - "Greater Than Us All" - special mucical narrative on the life of Jesus ChristFathers and Sons Campout May 12th, 2000 at Alderbrook - Picturesnew_yel.gif (117 bytes)
Stake Picnic  July 18th at Tigard Chapel - Pictures new_yel.gif (117 bytes)

Our Tigard 2 meeting schedule - updated for 2001!

First Presidency message now online  new_yel.gif (117 bytes)

Tigard 2nd Missionary addresses around the world    ag00113_.gif (2541 bytes)
Local Missionary Split schedule
Missionary Referrals - 1 (888) LDS-7700


Free Book of Mormon    Bom2.jpg (1935 bytes)

Shown on PBS on November 28th, "An American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith"joseph-smith_small.jpg (25026 bytes)
       - Available at Deseret Book - also see "Trail of Hope"

Bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)NEW LDS Site! (Maps, Pictures, Cross References, Bible Dictionary and more!)

Rd_pin.gif (1016 bytes)BYU - Idaho, Ricks becomes 4 year school, changes name.  (Ricks 97% acceptance, BYU 64%)

Pr_pin.gif (1016 bytes)US Supreme Court Votes 5-4 in favor of Boy Scouts of America - BSA keeps 1st amendment right of association and not forced to allow openly gay scout masters
- Ruling of BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA v. DALE (99-699) 160 N. J. 562, 734 A. 2d 1196, reversed and remanded.   Supreme court agrees with initial NJ court ruling
- BSA Press Release (make no effort to determine sexual orientation)
- LDS Press Release (400,000 LDS Scouts, 190,000 LDS Adult Leaders remain with BSA)
- Short 4 page Brief with highlights of Judge Rehnquist's ruling (windows Write file, may need to Save As...)

BYU Black History Month 

CA Knight Initiative Prop. 22 Vote, March 7th, 2000

Some links to LDS sites  Gem-blue.gif (110 bytes)
    First Presidency
    Additional links   New_yel.gif (117 bytes)

Portland Temple open hours        portland.jpg (3508 bytes)
        Other LDS Temples worldwide
Dedicatory prayers online new_yel.gif (117 bytes)
Nauvoo Temple construction web cam - Working again!
        wb00828prplArrow_.gif (135 bytes)      100 Currently Operating  (103 dedication dates set)
        Yl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) 121 Planned

    BYU  byulogo.jpg (9077 bytes)

Addresses to the three Tualatin stake chapels (nine congregations) and our Start times

Bull Mountain
Tigard II
Cedar Creek
Summer Lake
Tualatin I
Fanno Creek
Tigard I
Tualatin II

Old Fanno Creek Site

Moroni1_bullet.jpg (764 bytes)  Three Ward Community BBQ  Sept 16, 2000
Tigard / Tualatin Preparation Expo May 22, 1999      PrepExpoSquirrel.gif (2063 bytes)

Family First Event November 21, 1999

Emily Young's Page lilly.gif (2282 bytes)

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Quarterly ward newsletter
    section for each auxiliary

Monthly missionary newsletter, Missionary Split schedule

Ward News: New Move-ins, Primary graduations, HS graduations, Marriages, Baptism, Births

Cannery, DI, Storehouse hours Family History hours, Family History Links Single adult meeting hours

Congregation statistics, (148 Families, 355 members as of Mar. 1st, 2000) new_yel.gif (117 bytes)

Building Cleaning Schedule

Interview schedules

Other Stake info (Building PFR)

General Conference broadcast on channel 11 (Columbia cable AT&T  Cable - Oregon)

Sign our Guest Book


The ward calendar is now e-mailed to us each month.


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